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Certified Klänge/Celluloid Klänge/CK Tees INFO ::

  • We are the only clothing company “All About” music, pro audio & film
  • Our T Shirts and Merch show the world that Audio, Film and Music are Your Life
  • We are the only company that is truly driven by Music/Audio and Film
  • We have been selling merchandise for the past 15 years.
  • Our affiliated recording company is Low Frequency Recordings.

We have the perfect GIFTS for the Musician, Audio, Film, Hip-Hop, Guitar Player, Bass Player, Keyboardist, Drummer, Vocalist, String player, Mixer, Producer, Synth player ETC. 

We are the only company with 40+ designs for the AUDIO,FILM, Hip-Hop, Musician, MUSIC maniac ...

Low Frequency Recordings (A.K.A. LF Recordings) was founded in 1992 by Craig Bevan after the breakup of the Bassment Records label. Low Frequency Recordings releases EDM, House, Dance And Hip-Hop Music. Binary Man Records was formed in 1996 for the release of Electronic/Electro and Techno music.